24 August 2011

Edward Docx - Postmodernism is Dead

...long live postmodernism?

Today's article is from Prospect, whose other articles I'll be taking a look through shortly - it's a publication I haven't seen before, but it seems to have some interesting materials.

This particular piece, by British novelist Edward Docx, is a bit of a eulogy for pomo, but it's also a good overview of the movement (insofar as one can call it a movement) itself, and a useful primer for folks who maybe aren't that familiar with it.

Beyond that, the article offers a look at what might be The Next Big Thing - a suggestion that I couldn't help but, begrudgingly, tie into the Rise of Hipsterdom - the emphasis on the handmade, the individual. There's something a little bit different, there, though, in that Docx is suggesting authenticity, rather than irony, as the guiding sentiment of the new movement:

We can identify it in the way brands are trying to hold on to, or take up, an interest in ethics, or in a particular ethos. A culture of care is advertised and celebrated and cherished. Values are important once more: the values that the artist puts into the making of an object as well as the values that the consumer takes out of the object. And all of these striven-for values are separate to the naked commercial value.

Have a read if you're interested.

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