12 August 2011

Tim Dickinson - Rupert Murdoch's American Scandals

Today's article is from Rolling Stone.

This article is a pretty straightforward mapping-out of the ways in which the News Corp hacking, pandering, bribery, and general corruption aren't limited to just a few rogue elements in the UK, but are indicative of a larger, company-wide trend that has been going on for decades and is a part of the company's culture, as embodied by the company's leader, Rupert Murdoch.

"There's a broader culture within the company," Col Allan, editor of Murdoch's New York Post, crowed in 2007. "We like being pirates." Whatever veneer of integrity News Corp. may have accrued after its purchase of The Wall Street Journal the very same year masks an ingrained corporate ethos that believes integrity is for suckers. The attitude passed down from the top, says one veteran of Murdoch's tabloids, is aggressive and straightforward: "Anything we do is OK. We're News Corp. — so fuck you and fuck your mother."
Hard to say it better than that. Article is worth a read.

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