02 September 2011

James Piereson - What's Wrong with our Universities?

This article is from The New Criterion.

Seems like critiques of American education are everywhere these days. This is a fairly comprehensive, and certainly wide-ranging, one. While I don't agree with all of Piereson's conclusions, or even most of them - his suggestion that "positions like “babysitting coordinator,” “spouse-partner employment counselor,” and “queer-life coordinator” (a real position)" are "superfluous" is certainly and obviously flawed insofar as it closely follows a suggestionless bemoaning of college dropout rates - he does do a nice job of making some of the issues facing the university readable and approachable (unlike, say, the block of text I just wrote out).

If you feel like bringing your critical mind to an article (which, granted, you always should do anyways), give this one a read. It's worth discussion.

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