16 September 2011

New Office

So this is the first day in my new office!

I spent a little chunk of yesterday moving my stuff from my old office - which I shared with 20 other UW English TAs - into this one - which I share with two others, one of whom I've met before. I haven't seen either of them around since I got down here.

And... I do mean down here. I'm two floors down from the first floor of my building, in not just the basement but the sub-basement. Luckily, since the building hovers on the side of a very steep hill (which I'm sure won't pose any problems at all in the event of the inevitable cataclysmic earthquake), I've got a window!

Picture of my desk:

Some things you might notice:

Yes, that is a whiteboard drawing of xkcd's Black Hat Guy.

The postcard above and to the right of the whiteboard - which you can barely see because it's red on a red background - has a picture of a pencil and the slogan "This machine kills fascists." Many thanks to JM for that.

The flag in the top right-hand corner, the edge of which you can kind of see in this picture, bears a black star, a silhouette of a cannon, and the slogan "Come and Take It." Props if you know where it's from.

I need more shelves. I'll be acquiring them soon, I hope. Might make a scrounging run through the building after I finish this post, see if I can find anything lying around.

Overall, I think I'll do okay here. It's not glamorous, but, then again, neither am I. Great work is done in humble conditions, right?

Off to scrounge and study, then. Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

JM is delighted that you like it (welcome). Also, 'tis all looking rather heimlich, well done.