13 October 2011

Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kisses Deep

My thanks to NB, who introduced me to this poem (and Cohen's poetry more generally) a couple of years ago... and I'm so glad to have found this recording.

Cohen's voice is stunning, amazing, chilling, wonderful. I've been thinking a lot lately about the way that performance interacts with poems - and this is, I think, a pretty excellent example of that interaction. Without Cohen's voice, the poem is nice, but somewhat formulaic or familiar. With it? It becomes something profound and lovely.

In other news... sorry I haven't been posting much so far this month - I've been (1) busy working on my exam reading (hurrah for theories of resistance and locality!) and (2) getting over a beginning-of-quarter cold and cough. One of my colleagues just came into my office and expressed concern over my "consumptive hacking." While the hacking is still pretty evident, most of my functionality has returned, and I should be posting with greater substance and frequency in the near future.

All y'all have a lovely day!

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