26 November 2011

Glenn Beck: Unions are the Devil! ...and also Hitler.

Incomprehensible. Truly incomprehensible.

...it's worth noting that one of the "Satanic books" Beck is talking about here is "The Werewolf's Guide to Life". It's a comedy book - kind of like a zombie survival guide (which I own! Oh, no, I'm clearly into the Satanic stuff...) or, I don't know, Harry Potter.

I know that bringing Harry Potter up here isn't going to win me any fans (if you're watching Glenn Beck, you probably still believe that those books are Satanic, too). I was just too flabbergasted to come up with a better example.

Key part of Beck's screed starts about 1:57.
Beck: "Where did this happen? Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I think this is, and, and, and, I mean, if you look at where things are centered in this country right now, where bad stuff is centered, it is Wisconsin, it is Oakland, uh, it is Washington D.C., it is New York, there is, and, and, and, it's, and the stuff that's going on in our world is so dark and evil, I just think that there is this black hole opening up."

Co-host: "This is, you're basing this on the Occupy protests, the union stuff that had gone on earlier in, uh, Wisconsin, correct?"

Beck: "Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. And the fact that, just this week we did a monologue on GBTV, and we showed this, this video from last time. And this was just tied to the Communists. But you, you, you... look at what happened in the 1940s, the 1930s, uh, in the early 1900s, in the 'teens', and you look at where those things were centered, they were centered in Wisconsin, New York, Oakland. Every time. Every time. There is something, and, uh, I hate to go all, uh, uh, freaky on you, but we are talking about Satanic rituals here. Every time I am reading the, uh, every time I'm reading the, uh, 'Holy Bible,' um, I see the name B-A-A-L, and every time I see that, that's an ancient god. That is the ancient god of the environment, the ancient god of war, the ancient god of, uh, gosh, there was like three of them. Money. And you look at what's happening on this planet, it's like people are worshiping the ancient god of, uh, is it Baal or Ball? Baal. Every time! Every time!"

Okay, so that was actually a little bit over two minutes of his speech - I started transcribing and I didn't want to stop, because it just kept getting crazier. It gets worse after that - I cut it off right before he starts talking about how Hitler wasn't a Christian, which is somehow (though Beck never makes the connection) tied into the unions in Wisconsin and a couple of confused Goth kids who don't know about safe words.

Because, as best as I can tell, that's basically what's going on. Guy takes a bus, has sex with two girls. As part of it, they engage in what seems to be some edgeplay. It goes overboard, he ends up in the hospital - and, by the way, doesn't press charges.

That sucks. It's horrible for everybody involved.

It's also got nothing whatsoever to do with the unions, nothing to do with Hitler, and, really, little or nothing to do with Satanism.

Isn't it funny how quickly we buy into the boogeymen we're raised to fear?

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