19 November 2011

Health and safety of our campus community

Watching the video from UC Davis makes me want to break things. Makes me want to hurt things. Fills me with rage. Leaves my hands shaking. My jaw tight.

I'm a fairly considered kind of guy. I try to think before I act. I try to think before I speak.

Here's a hint to all you university administrators out there: if you want to protect the health and safety of your campus community (as the chancellor of UC Davis said she was trying to do), don't fucking call the cops. Why?

Because the cops will walk up to students sitting peacefully on the ground, lift their heads up, hold their mouths open, and shoot pepper spray down their throats.

You tell me, chancellor. Which is worse? A couple of tents in the quad? Or students in the hospital, students coughing up blood, and calls for your resignation from students, faculty, and national media?

Link to a letter from a faculty member.

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