28 November 2011

Pretty Thing of the Day

So I've been detecting a tendency in myself lately to alternate between rage and apathy, often to the detriment of actually getting anything done. I'm spending too much time either hacked off and trying to talk myself down or way too deeply invested in "everything's screwed up anyways, I can't do anything about it, why should I even try?"

Anyways, I'm going to start out every day for a little bit by posting something random and pretty here, so that if I get full of rage I can look at it and calm down, and if I start getting depressed, I can look at it and cheer up a little. I'll try to avoid posting political things in these posts - because I'm too invested in politics. Just random pretties.

Work for y'all? Good. Pretty thing for today, then, and all y'all have a good day:

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