21 December 2011

If I were starting a community...

...what would I want it to look like?

A glorious failure, a universal myth, a song, a prayer, a dive from a cliff into cool water on a hot summer’s day.

A refueling station, a library, a discussion hall, a sweat lodge.

The largest living thing in the world is a mycelium which lives under and in a forest in Oregon. Its unity is a matter of discussion; some believe it is actually a collection of affiliated organisms which share DNA.

I’ve considered, for some time, after I finish school and save up some money, attempting to find a group of 40-50 other like-minded (politically, socially, educationally) folks and buy some land out in the woods somewhere, farm it, raise kids together, share ideas, food, resources; there’s something beautiful in a barn-raising. Turning away from the world, though, isn’t really an option, nor would it be inviting if it were; the ideal community must be like a spring, gathering energy to expand outwards (with words, with action) in an impactful manner.

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