19 December 2011

MTV: "Choose or Lose" is too hopeful

"Choose or Lose" is too hopeful...

- because "while young people turned out in unusually high numbers to support Barack Obama in 2008, MTV's research into "Choose or Lose" found that many felt that they had lost anyway."

- because "we cannot tell young people that you lose if you don't vote and only if you don't vote, because it turns out that many of them now feel that even though they voted, they still lost, and not because their guy didn't win."

- because "the whole experience [of voting] has made them [young people] cynical enough that companies marketing to them had to take notice of that."

- because "it wasn't just the economy"

- because "there's a broader awareness, by people who share a notion of social justice, that the commons belong to the people."

- because "it's not enough to vote for somebody and then go to sleep."

Telling the Occupy Wall Street protesters to "occupy the ballot box" is missing the point. They're protesting, in part at least, because, no matter who they vote for, they're not going to be represented. And they know that.

We know that. We're all disenfranchised, we're all disenchanted. Or were we ever enchanted? I don't remember ever having had that particular feeling.

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