14 December 2011

NDAA Passes House of Representatives

Remember my post from a few days ago? The one where I mentioned that the Senate's new National Defense Authorization Act, which passed 93-7, authorizes indefinite military detention (without charge) of American citizens on American soil?

Remember how I said that it would easily pass the House?

It just did. Less easily than I'd anticipated - 283-136 - but it passed.

And Obama has said he's not going to veto it.

Politico has the breakdown:

The measure split Democrats right down the middle, with 93 voting in favor and 93 against legislation that President Barack Obama tactily endorsed earlier in the day by retreating from a veto threat. Though the bill passed handily just before 7:00 PM, there was a surprising amount of opposition from Tea Party faithful and other conservative GOP members, 43 of whom opposed the legislation. (A full roll call is posted here.)

I know the voting breakdown is hard to find on that page - go to the "Votes" tab and click on "Roll No. 932."

There's a storm coming, folks. Get ready.

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