21 December 2011

SPD Mocks Tim Nelson

If you don't feel like watching the video: The Seattle DOT asked people not to drive to work because a major arterial (the Alaskan Way Viaduct) was closed. Tim Nelson, who lives in West Seattle, chose to jog. He got hit by a semi, broke his back, six ribs, and his skull.

And, after he was loaded into an ambulance, the cops who'd arrived at the scene called him a "dumb fuck" for jogging and said "That's why you drive a car." They then made fun of the truck driver's accent.

Link to KOMO's article (from which I got the video).

Link to article from Fox News.
- The Fox article adds that at least one of the cops involved was named Doug Jorgensen, and that Nelson had not one but two skull fractures.

Link to article from KIRO.
- The KIRO article adds a statement from Deputy police chief Clark Kimerer: "We expect 100 percent professionalism from our officers," he said. "We also, with them, have to recognize that they are often in stressful situations and also that there is sometimes more than meets the eyes."

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