24 January 2012

The Caging of America

Adam Gopnick has put out - or is about to put out, since the date on the article is January 30 - a great piece in The New Yorker on America's prison-industrial complex and the downfall of its criminal justice systems. While he doesn't hit every issue associated with it, he does a very nice job of breaking down why, even for middle-class white Americans, the system is something that is terribly flawed in both conception and execution.

No pun intended.

In any case - it's a fairly wide-ranging article, and it has points that are sure to infuriate you no matter what side of the political sphere you're on. Worth taking a look. I'm not going to quote from it here, because I'd either wind up quoting things with which I agreed - which would turn people off - or things with which I disagreed - which would put me in a bad mood as I try to get a little bit more writing done this morning.

All y'all have a good one.

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