06 January 2012

The Stranger's End-of-Year Corrections Article

It's awesome.

I'm often critical of this local alternative newspaper (the quality of their content is uneven, and they try too hard to prove that they're EXTREME while still tending to fall comfortably into middle-class white sensibilities), but every once in a while, they put out a really great article. I've praised their coverage of the Seattle tunnel debate, criticized some of their coverage of Occupy.

Now they've put out their end-of-2011 corrections article - which consists of a long string of things that are being regretted, by The Stranger, the Stranger staff, or random other people. It's pretty hilarious. I'm only going to include two representative samples; I'd recommend you click through to the article itself (linked in the 'it's awesome' at the top of this post).

Representative sample 1:

In the April 27 issue of The Stranger, Christopher Frizzelle, the editor of The Stranger, wrote an obituary for the book-events impresario Kim Ricketts in which he praised her for not "always blindly towing the public-relations line," misspelling "toeing." We regret the error, although not as much as we regret the passing of Kim Ricketts. This city sucks without her.

Representative sample 2:
Jen Graves regrets that in an October 4 post on The Stranger's music blog, Line Out, she described the wonders of the cello in advance of a performance of the Bach Cello Suite No. 1 with the Seattle Symphony. It turned out that the Bach was instead going to be performed by a tuba. Ms. Graves hopes no one emerged from the concert believing that a tuba is a cello.

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