15 January 2012

Three (non-political) Things I Think Today

(or, it's snowing out, and I've graded eight essays so far today)

(or, apologies to Peter King; I'm not completely ripping off your concept - I changed a word or two!)

(or, everything's political, but I felt like writing about music and sports for a minute)

1. More people should cover Karma Police, and fewer should cover Creep.

The former is just a better song; the latter, while good, is terribly overplayed. Seriously. Covers of "Creep" available via a quick YouTube search: Damien Rice, Weezer, The Pretenders, Pearl Jam, Moby, Ingrid Michaelson, Brandi Carlile, Amanda Palmer, Sad Kermit, and several hundred random people with guitars singing into webcams. Covers of "Karma Police"... Panic! at the Disco, Tori Amos, The Dresden Dolls. And... that's about it.

Moral of the story: Amanda Palmer likes covering Radiohead. But we already knew that.

2. Tebow doesn't suck just because he lost a football game.

He's not a great NFL quarterback. More than likely, he's never going to be. And he's not the quarterback you want playing for you in any situation where you're needing to pass - i.e. any game against the Patriots, the Saints, or the Packers. He is, though, the kind of quarterback you can win with if you've got a good defense, your opponent has a mediocre to decent offense, and you're okay with every game coming down to a field goal. He'll keep you at 8-8 or 9-7 every year.

Speaking of the Patriots, the Saints, and the Packers...

3. Defense doesn't win championships if the rules keep you from playing defense.

Let's talk about the AP writeup of the 49ers' 36-32 victory over the Saints.

Paragraph 7:

Smith ran for a 28-yard TD with 2:11 left and threw another scoring pass to Davis in the first quarter. Coach Jim Harbaugh's NFC West champions (14-3) proved that a hard-hitting, stingy defense can still win in the modern, wide-open NFL by holding off one of the league's most dynamic offenses.

A "hard-hitting, stingy defense"? Drew Brees passed for 462 yards! 462! And four touchdowns! 7.3 yards per attempt!

Hard-hitting, maybe - or, perhaps, the headline for the article says it better: "Alex Smith, 49ers bounce sloppy Saints, charge into NFC title game". It's hard to win when you turn the ball over five times (two interceptions, three fumbles). But don't call the Niners' defense 'stingy' here - or, do, if you mean stingy in the way that government agencies define -

oh, damn. Back to politics.

All y'all have a good morning!

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