15 January 2012

A True Story

There used to be an anarchist collective in Gainesville that
met at a greasy spoon on Twenty-third Street called Firpo's.
The collective was called the Re-Levelers and there were
four people in it: two couples, boy-girl. So the four anarchists
were sitting around their table, eating the food they had
ordered and which they would pay for, and trying to draft
a manifesto. They were discussing whether to identify the
Re-Levelers as anarcho-communist or anarcho-communal,
and the discussion had gotten fairly heated. The men were
screaming at each other, starting to draw attention to them-
selves, and ignoring their girlfriends, who were each trying to
get in edgewise some words of their own. Eventually the two
women flipped over a place mat and scribbled out their own
manifesto, declaring their secession from the Re-Levelers
on account of its inherent sexism, and naming themselves
the Anarcho-Feminist Solidarity Brigade. The men were
still arguing with each other, and had not noticed that their
collective had just been weakened by half. The women left
their manifesto on the table for the men to find and rode their
bicycles back to the house where they all lived together, where
they would later tell their bewildered boyfriends, firmly, that
this was no joke; there were indeed now two anarchist collec-
tives in town, and any alliance between the two groups would
have to be negotiated and earned.

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