19 January 2012

Why We're Liberals

First off, this song's been stuck in my head for a couple of days.

(warning: rap)

Macklemore - Can't Hold Us

Second, the main point I'm going with here. This article, a userpost from Salon.com, is (somewhat hyperbolically) titled "The 3 Reasons All Young Adults Are Liberal."

While not all young adults are liberal, most of us (yes, I am one) are. I don't consider myself liberal or conservative; if you've been reading this blog for a while, or you know me in so-called "real life," you probably have some sense for what my politics are.

Anyways: the author makes what I think are a number of really good points. I'm not going to recap them all (you can read his or her actual post if you want to do that), but I will pull a few paragraphs of particularly good material to whet your appetite.

Almost everyone in our age group knows someone who is unemployed. Not because that person is lazy, but because the lowest percentage of Americans age 16 to 29 are employed since World War II, with 55% of young adults employed. If we dwell on the fact that many of those jobs are not careers, and many of those are part-time, the picture gets bleaker.

We haven't had the time, nor reason, to develop the near-ubiquitous attitude of conservative Americans: “Well, things worked out for me. Why wouldn't they work out for everyone?”


I was listening to a song a few weeks ago and a verse came on that said, roughly, “And poor kids are dying for billionaire's profits.” I actually sighed. “This again?” I thought. That's when it dawned on me: we actually live in a time where the exploitation of American lives for corporate revenue is a cliché.


That's a general evolution in the early twenties, granted, but, again, I just don't see the Republicans appealing to my generation by fervently maintaining the same tired Bushisms of the past and hoping no one notices. Honestly, why are all young adults “liberal?” Because there's no real conservatism anymore. We're not old enough to remember any kind of Republican other than Bush. What are we supposed to think?

Worth reading.

Also: yes, it's "whet." Not "wet." Why would I want to pour water on your appetite? I want to sharpen it.

Music, politics, grammar. Have a good afternoon.

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