24 February 2012

FWPCA Essay Titles

So this weekend, I'm presenting at the annual conference of the Far West Popular Culture Association.

Looking over the conference program, I notice a number of essays with truly amazing titles. My five favorites, in no particular order:

"‘I’m not a hooker, I’m from Jersey’: Constructed Identities and Hyperreal Product Promotion on MTV’s Jersey Shore"

"Break on Through to the Other Sign: a Semiotic Approach to the Words of Jim Morrison"

"Monstrous Iconography: The Carnivalesque and the Grotesque Personae in Lady GaGa’s Music Videos"
- It should be noted that this essay is part of my favorite panel title of the weekend, "Bakhtin on the Edge: Beer, Bartleby, /b/ and Bad Romance."

"A Second Life® for Shakespeare: Experiencing the Bard in the Metaverse"

"The Passions of the Soulless: What Spinoza Can Tell Us About True Blood"

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