07 February 2012

The Path of Faith

DATED PROPERTIES. What could be said of a God that allowed
such horror in the world?
I wept.

The path of faith is a gravel road that spirals up a mountain
whose peak is lost to view. The sky is always gray on this
mountain, leaden and vast, marked only by the fog that ob-
scures the peak, but subtly infused with the bright light of
God's loving presence, which awaits those who make it to
journey's end. The path passes through a country so austere
it appears almost blighted, but this is because everything un-
necessary has been cast away - all the horrors of the world
as well as the dulcet delights of our utopia, that secret and
special place that God blesses but does not deign to visit.
The first stage of the journey had been to realize that there
was a world worth living in. The second stage had been to
actually come to life. The third and final stage was to give
all that up, of one's own righteous volition, for the only thing
that could possibly be better, which is to say, the only thing
in the universe that really existed at all.

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