24 February 2012


Encountered while using the SeaTac wireless connection:

From the Wikipedia talk page on "Howl" -
Here, you joyless assclown of conformity. This is what you should've had the decency to paste into the talk page to begin with

From the Pitchfork review of Dirty Three's album "She Has No Strings Apollo" -
It seems like only a matter of time before some bloated instrumental rock collective releases an album consisting of fifty-five bowed guitars, ten full drumsets, and a guy hitting a cat with a frying pan, all engaged in a single belabored crescendo.

From a Grantland article on Robert Griffin's draft prospects -
Jerry Jones splash RG3 Texas Cowboys Stadium Jason Garrett job Tony Romo choke RG3 local. No, that's not a complete sentence, but every sort of argument surrounding the Cowboys taking RG3 are just those buzzwords.

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