13 February 2012

Yo, baby, want a no-no?

Movie inside is big as the wall of a building
and so bright it'd make you throw up
but they watch it the men and they eat and they drink
and they eat and they drink.
Actually it is not just the two of us her and me
There are the cops and me and her and the good for nothing windows
and brown suits and grey suits and blue suits
cars that stop and ones that go
There are palm trees and people
leaning on the palm trees scratching reading
looking at the trash which is empty (believe me) from being looked at
And gargoyles of human beings
hung on the ugly architecture of wobbling lurching bodies
coming down fast like dying empires
after the sun is already dead in their eyes
Rooms full of spooks drunk on dish soap spiked
with whatever was left on the tables when the bar closed
An animal over there with spotted pants
dreams googleplex like the chopped up palm and the broken wall
and is just lost, oh my god, moving like a range of dusty mountains
dead with nothing to hold it down
moved by earthquake or rain that swallows the stars and moon
Get out of the way off the curb
He pukes in the garden and slams sideways into the stucco

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