19 March 2012

Brian Viglione / Amanda Palmer - Post-Work video binge

Monday night, spring break, left the office a few minutes ago and now I'm binging out on Dresden Dolls and/or Amanda Palmer (Amanda Fucking Palmer to her fans) performance videos before I begin finishing up my move to my new apartment.

Just to clarify: it's spring break, so I went to the office at 6:30 this morning, and, other than two hours in the gym (45 minutes on an exercise bike, 30 minutes of lifting, and 45 minutes shooting baskets in an empty gym), I was in the office until 7 PM. Hurrah for the life of a grad student, where "break" means "time to work on your own stuff, rather than teaching and grading."

Just to clarify, part two: this'll be five apartments (and two offices) in three years. I've made somewhat a hobby of living sans stuff - a friend who came over a while ago commented on my "Spartan aesthetic" and suggested that it was in keeping with my general demeanor ("unsurprising" was the word that got used) - but I'm about ready to settle a wee bit, I think, so, with luck, and lots of commas, I'll be in this new one for a while. I might even buy a bed.


Or, rather, performance videos, because it's not the clean, pure songs that are interesting me today.

This first one is a wonderful bit of stagecraft... AFP, I think, works a stage (and an audience) as well as anyone I've ever seen. This video is from a New Year's Eve concert that she did with the Boston Pops Orchestra. No, it's not the best performance of Tchaikovsky that I've ever seen (musically, it's not even very good), but it is one of the most enjoyable. If you can sit through the first couple of minutes - or, more precisely, the first 3:15 or so - it becomes worth it real quick.

This second performance is some vintage Dresden Dolls. Focus on the drummer, Brian Viglione, who I think tends to get underrated a bit in the maelstrom of attention that has followed AFP since her time in the group. Dude's absolutely going HAM here, and it's always fun to see a drummer just Go Off. Weird camera effects (thanks, MTV!) not withstanding.

All y'all have a good night!

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