09 March 2012

The Captains

Just read this short article from the Chicago Sun-Times on William Shatner's documentary "The Captains." The article does a pretty good job of capturing the flavor of the documentary, though its Shatner-centric tone is perhaps a bit fawning for my tastes. Then again, I've always favored DS9 over the other series. I had the pleasure of watching this film a little while ago.

The article calls Shatner's interview with Avery Brooks "somewhat incoherent," and I'd agree. Brooks seems, in the interview, to be operating on a different level (of consciousness?) than Shatner, leaving the first captain scrambling to make the connections that Brooks is unwilling or unable to make. He's... scattered, fluid, impulsive, and clearly taking the interview both more seriously and less seriously than Shatner is. He breaks into laughter several times, he Socratic-methods the hell out of Shatner a couple of times - overall, he's a delight.

The interview with Kate Mulgrew was, I think, my least favorite, in that I found Shatner's questioning almost insulting. The article says that Mulgrew "has the unwavering stare of a woman who expects to be in command"; this leads to some tension, as Shatner pushes at that expectation repeatedly. Mulgrew holds her own, though. She's got a presence to her now, just like she did when she was playing Janeway. It's something to see.

Anyways. This documentary came out last year. If you're a fan of Star Trek, you've probably already seen it; if you're not a fan of Star Trek, you probably don't want to. This is one of those pieces of culture that serves its purpose nicely, but doesn't do a whole lot beyond that. Yeah. Back to work.

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