21 March 2012

Garth Haynes Gets Off

Yet another "special" case from the SPD - although this one at least made it to a jury (no thanks to the police report, or lack thereof) before it got dropped.

In this case, SPD Officer Garth Haynes, while off-duty but carrying his service weapon, went into a nightclub, got drunk, and got into a fight. At some point, other cops got called, and one of the people Haynes was fighting with wound up lying on the ground in handcuffs. Shortly thereafter, Haynes was videotaped kicking the guy in the head.

None of this is in dispute.


And yet Haynes didn't wind up in the police report of the incident.

And yet Haynes' defense - the oh-so-original "I don't remember" - was apparently strong enough to get him off.

Because saying that you don't remember doing something that, oh yeah, you were filmed doing, is enough for reasonable doubt. That makes sense.

Wait... It doesn't, unless you're a cop. Welcome to Seattle.

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