11 March 2012

Grimes - Oblivion

I find that I rather love this track, and, perhaps even more, love the music video that goes along with it.

There's been some nice writing done on the video - these two articles from Pitchfork (one and two) are a good start.

From the first article:

The from-the-crowd setup neatly inverts common notions of spectator and spectacle: Boucher is the venue's star because the camera's trained on her, and half the fun of the video is derived from impromptu "fan" reactions. The clip also features staged scenes with Boucher holding court over a bunch of ripped, shirtless dudes working out and shoving each other around with teenage abandon. The scenes are wildly masculine but, at the same time, there's no doubt who's controlling the action.

From the second:

Here was a song whose plasticity and remove were, for me, a large part of its appeal being used to soundtrack scenes that were down to earth-- literally, in the case of the the motorcycle rally in the stadium-- and visceral. It's also saying something about gender, but it's hard to say exactly what, which is part of what gives the video a peculiar power. Claire Boucher, someone who would appear to identify as an outsider and an artist and possibly even a weirdo, is mixing it up with beefy dudes doing the kinds of things that beefy dudes stereotypically do. But while the men look ridiculous, they don't seem like they're being judged, and another part of what makes the video so fun is that Boucher is enjoying it all along with them. She's meeting them in their world and experiencing what they experience and even enjoying it while remaining completely herself. It's about movement and exploration.

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