27 March 2012

Trayvon Martin Flips Off Camera - Source?

So in my last post, I cited the fake pictures of Trayvon Martin flipping off a camera as coming from conservative blogger and author Michelle Malkin's website Twitchy.com.

It turns out that I may - and I can't be entirely sure yet - need to do as Malkin did and issue a correction. Although I'll do it in a slightly more straightforward way (i.e. not hiding it under the still-posted disproven picture in an area that can't be seen unless the article is actually opened).

I may have misidentified the original source of the picture. While Malkin's website definitely posted the picture, it's possible that whoever posted it there just stole it from neo-Nazi site Stormfront.org.

I'm going to say that again: either Malkin's site posted the fake picture and then the neo-Nazis liked it enough to repost it, or the neo-Nazis posted it, and then Malkin's site took it, altered it slightly, and threw it up on the web without context and without even rudimentary fact-checking.

A Stormfront thread, titled "Facebook picture of little angel Trayvon Martin", that was created at 2:29 AM on March 24th, features the fake picture of Trayvon Martin as the first post. The poster on Malkin's website was uploaded "three days ago" - which puts it, I think, slightly after the Stormfront post.

Blogger CarolynCastiglia was, I think, the first person to make the Stormfront connection, in an excellent post titled Let’s Remove Race from the Case: Why George Zimmerman Should Be Arrested Regardless -
Suffice it to say, the discussion surrounding the Trayvon Martin shooting is racially charged, even if the incident itself wasn’t. I personally find the latter assertion quite hard to believe, given that it’s likely Zimmerman uttered a racial slur during his 911 call and that as protesters have pointed out, it’s highly unlikely that a white teen in a hoodie would have looked as “suspicious” as Martin did to Zimmerman. Additionally, it’s hard for me to swallow that those who allegedly want to remove race from the equation are the same people who create images like those to the left, which try even harder to paint Trayvon as a black thug who deserved to die – especially given the fact that the photo on the bottom right of this composite is not actually of Trayvon Martin. It’s the fabrication of racist website Stormfront.

Yeah. So, the point is, once again - this picture:

Is a fake, in that it's been proven to be a picture of a different person. The new thing that this post is adding: it's a fake possibly created by neo-Nazis.

In other news, New Orleans PD officer and possible murderer Jason Giroir has been suspended after he posted comments on a story about Trayvon Martin - the first saying "Act like a Thug Die like one!" and the second, in response to another commenter disagreeing with him, saying "Eddie come on down to our town with a ‘Hoodie’ and you can join Martin in HELL and talk about your racist stories!:-P" [Sic] in general. Way to go, Jason. I think the little emoticon at the end really makes your point clear.

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