07 March 2012

VPN's and probable cause

These are two links to important stories for all you awesome, beautiful, amazing people out there.

First off, a how-to guide for chaining VPNs to let you browse and work anonymously online. In the wake of the FBI taking down 25 Anonymous members (you think you cut the head off? Ask the Vatican how well that's going), this is more important than ever. If you aren't already anonymous online, you should be.

Second, from Flex Your Rights, a list of five reasons you should never consent to a police search. Just to be clear: the cops are not your friends. If you're hip to this, you already know not to consent (although you still might get suckered in by the cops lying to you or threatening you), so this is just backing you up; if you're not, then this might help keep you out of trouble.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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