14 April 2012

Beyond Nonviolence...

Just wanted to throw y'all a quick link to a blogpost that a fellow wrote talking about the eviction of Occupy St. Louis.

The last two paragraphs here are the ones that stand out to me, insofar as they line up with the things that I've said and that I wholeheartedly believe. The bits before it - which tell the story of the cops running down, tackling, and beating Occupiers - are also familiar, and also worth reading. But the ending, here, the takeaway, is really smart, and really well put:
The rhetoric of violence vs. non-violence is utterly irrelevant and insulting. My friends disappeared for 24 hours. Some strangers, who were weaponized and free from scrutiny, were deciding what was to be done with them. Pigs and judges have been given the power to determine the course of their lives. There is no such thing as non-violence. There is no such thing as safety. These ideas are complete illusions, and one can only hold on to them as long as one has the privilege to avoid the violence that maintains society. As we participate and live our lives, all we are doing is avoiding repression.

I am traumatized. I am having flashbacks, and the more I try to make the motions of my mundane life the more vivid they become. Work, school, friendly conversations all seem completely devoid of meaning. All I can do is tell the story of my experience and force the people I surround myself with to question the society we participate in. I am so fucking angry.

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