24 April 2012

Rick Scott hates women

Okay, so maybe that's an overstatement. Maybe he just has "no information" about women. You'd think that his wife would give him some. Except, she's the one in whose name Scott put $62 million in private healthcare company stock, right before he tried to privatize Florida's healthcare. Anyways, here's the link from the Huffington Post. Rick Scott just cut $1.5 million in funding for Florida's rape crisis centers. His press secretary, Lane Wright, said that the rape crisis centers do not have a statewide impact and duplicate programs already funded by the state. His press secretary, Lane Wright, suggested that rape victims go to domestic violence shelters instead. Hey, Lane. You do understand that rape is a different thing, right? Hey, Lane. You do understand that rape is a thing, right?
Jennifer Dritt, the executive director of the Florida Council, said she was "stunned" and "confused" by Scott's move and that she questions his reasoning for slashing the funds. "We say 'here's the need, here's the need, here's the need,' and frankly, nobody's paying any attention," she told HuffPost. "We gave them information about the number of new survivors we have and we showed them that these rape crisis centers have waiting lists. Survivors are having to wait weeks, sometimes six weeks, in some programs three months to be seen. We included quotes from the programs about the waiting lists and what services they weren't able to offer because of a lack of money. There is clearly an unmet need." As for the $6.5 million that Scott said the government provides for rape prevention and sexual assault services, a large percentage of that money is distributed to education programs, not actual crisis centers serving the victims. "He's probably including rape prevention and education money," she said. "You think they would have asked us about that, and we could explain to them very clearly what money is available for our programs. It looks like $1.5 million is a lot of money to ask for, but frankly, when you spread it across 67 counties, it's not."
I really want to reuse the facepalm picture from yesterday, but I don't want to get too repetiti- oh, what's that? It's the middle of Sexual Assault Awareness Month? And the Republican Party is in the middle of defending itself against claims that it's conducting a War on Women?

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