03 May 2012

No charges? Five days, no water.

Story from NBC, RawStory, and Angry Asian Man blog.

Daniel Chong, a UC San Diego student, was smoking marijuana at a friend's apartment on 4/20 when the DEA showed up. Since all he was doing was, you know, smoking marijuana, the DEA agents didn't charge him with anything.

They just threw him in a 5x10 foot cell and forgot about him for five days. With no food and no water. By the third day, Chong was hallucinating from dehydration; before he was eventually released, he tried to commit suicide by breaking his glasses and cutting his arms.

When the DEA finally remembered that they'd put him there, he'd lost 15 pounds and had to spend three days in the ICU.
Chong said he could hear DEA employees and people in neighboring cells. He screamed to let them know he was there, but no one replied. He kicked the door, but no one came to get him.
By the time DEA officers found Chong in his cell Wednesday morning Chong was completely incoherent, said Iredale.

“I didn’t think I would come out,” Chong said.

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