06 May 2012

Voodoo Sabotage

assemble the following items: a hard-boiled 

egg, an iron nail, & 3 iron pins
(stick nail & needles into egg);

dried scorpion, lizard &/or beetles;
 a small chamois bag containing graveyard dirt,

magnetized iron fillings, asafoetida & sulphur,
& tied with a red ribbon.

Sew the charm into yellow silk
& seal it with red wax.

Place all these things in a wide-necked bottle,
cork it, & seal it with wax.

The bottle may now be carefully
packaged & sent by mail to the target

institution--for example a Xtian televangelist show,
the New York Post, the MUZAK company,

a school or college--along with a copy of
the following statement (extra copies

may be mailed to individual employees,
&/or posted surreptitiously around the premises):

Malay Black Djinn Curse
These premises have been cursed by black sorcery. 

The curse has been activated according to correct rituals. 
This institution is cursed because it has oppressed the Imagination 

& defiled the Intellect, degraded the arts toward stupefaction, 
spiritual slavery, propaganda for State & Capital, 

puritanical reaction, unjust profits, lies & aesthetic blight. 

The employees of this institution are now in danger. 
No individual has been cursed, but the place itself has been 

infected with ill fortune & malignancy. Those who do not wake 
up & quit, or begin sabotaging the workplace, will gradually fall 

under the effect of this sorcery. Removing or destroying 
the implement of sorcery will do no good. It has been seen 

in this place, & this place is cursed. Reclaim your humanity 
& revolt in the name of the Imagination-- or else be judged 

(in the mirror of this charm) 
an enemy of the human race.

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