06 June 2012

Four proposed collective nouns

A barrie of pansexuals.

(also considered: an agenda, a cuddle, a joy)

an affliction of casual UFC fans

(also considered: a testosterone, a tribal armband tattoo, a situation)

a no, really, go ahead, it's fine, of Seattleites

(also considered: a passivity, a spandex, a latte)

a pretension of collective nouns

(also considered: a meta, a mobius, a blogger)

...and three things that need collective nouns but don't yet have them settled, for which I'd welcome ideas:

- recovering religious kids
- English graduate students, or, heck, graduate students in general
- hardcore Whedonites


Stevi said...

a slayage of Whedonites
a scooby of Whedonites

Grad students:
a quirk of grad students
a query of grad students

I really love "a barrie of pansexuals". That's fucking genius.

And I'd go for a "passivity of Seattlites". I mean, I guess that's what I'd go for. But, really, whatever you want is fine.

Rebecca/Telisa/Rasa/Whatever said...

I suggest a confusion of recovering religious kids and a Whedon League of Whedonites. A group of Cell Bio grad students would be a colony, but I wouldn't know what to call English grad students (aside from "in need of more funding", which I couldn't work into a collective noun).

I would also go for a passivity of Seattlites, and since I don't live there anymore, I don't have to make it sound like I'm too cool to have an opinion. :P