01 June 2012

Hackers! OH NOES!

I thought I liked Gizmodo. I mean, they're not the most thoughtful site, but, for a young and somewhat tech-literate (I SAID SOMEWHAT) person like me, it's nice to have that kind of blog up.

Then they pull some ish like this hit piece against Anonymous.

For about a year, Anonymous has been the Internet's greatest spectacle: raucous hacks, federal takedowns, scheming, betrayal and giggles. It's hard not to be entertained by the nihilistic marauders—unless they're threatening your life and children.

This is the other side of Anon.
Really, Gizmodo? That's what you're going to go with? That's what you're going to lead off your article with, under a headline that says "This Is What Happens When Anonymous Tries to Destroy You"? Because, to me, the information a few paragraphs down provides just a little bit of nuance to this "hackers attacked my kids" story you're trying to lead with:
Emick took her hacking background and close ties to Anonymous' core and spun them into a business: Backtrace Security. Backtrace, now operating under a different name, specializes in what you might call tattling. Snitching. Ratting people out. Emick expertly collects insider contacts, dossiers, and informants to use against Anonymous. Her most notable colleague, she says, is the FBI, but she caters to other undisclosed enemies of Anon as well. These clients remain secret. It's a simple business plan: she digs up the dirt and sells it.
You catch that? This isn't some innocent lady that a bunch of script kiddies just decided to attack. SHE'S SELLING THEM OUT TO THE F*CKING COPS. That makes her a legitimate target. The Enemy. She's a professional snitch, and she's using the personal connections she made while she was an Anon to make money by getting her old friends arrested.

But do you feel like emphasizing that, Gizmodo? Noooo... you just want to talk about how TERRIBLE it is that this pretty young lady is having people make threats against her on the internet.
The menacing calls are just the start, Emick explains, her voice surprisingly free from—or entirely dulled by—fear. "There's nothing stopping them. They feel like they have the right to do anything they want to anyone who gets in their way." What they want, in this case, is to hurt her and her family. Or at least to jabber at length about maybe doing it.

Jen Emick makes this harder. Jen's gotta go. So let's make her life hell until she quits.
See, the problem with Gizmodo's article is that it's portraying Anons as a bunch of mindless attack dogs who're going after this girl for no reason. "Jen Emick makes this harder", the article imagines them saying, as though they're up to some terrible scheme.

"This" means "not getting your personal information sold to the FBI by an old friend."

Funny how, when you put it that way, them attacking her makes a lot of sense.

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