22 July 2012

64. all poets and heroes (c sonnet)

The lie eternal. Lies as such. Ugly,
utilitarian things: lingual shields,

frenzied fury, danger. What we treasure -
reputations, friendships, careers - so much

scrap. Silent reminders. Hunched, contorted,
exhausted paradox. Idealistic, crazy,

grief and rage. A scythe, crime lords and cops.
Harsh laws. A city, a festering army, swept

away. A willingness to sacrifice everything.
A murderer. A young idealist. Guns.

Killing. Firepower. Fight. Brawl. A knife.
A strong semblance of reality. Truth.

  The destruction of innocent lives. Starkly dissonant.
  Believed good. Instructive. Flawed. Dangerous.

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