19 July 2012

67. the port city

the horror

shocking, irrational and fantastic
so strangely familiar

the kind of violence in real life
mass carnage and senseless overkill
the violence in the movies or in wartime

Monday morning "Oldboy" revenge thriller
possible influence tormenters Other

"The Killer" "A Better Tomorrow" John Woo
Chow Yun-Fat sunglasses affected real life
Bruce Lee Toshiro Mifune Tatsuya Nakadai
Clint Eastwood "The Killer" "Die Hard"

nbk "Bonnie and Clyde" "Clockwork Orange"
"The Wild Bunch" Others

we have mete the Other and He Is
free speech and non-censorship
Externalization is easy no evidence nbk

so joyously mercenary hallucinate
happy audiences powerless attractive

reveal a cosmetic crusade

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