11 July 2012

75. first (b returning)

                        when he first,
when he         first            ?”

Glenn          . “Everybody
                         seal     the edge

    the desk                   
                                                the president elect,
he                                              the seal of the presidency

                  the seal of the president elect of the United States.”

                             that before              his followers
    his face       our flag –                               with Ronald Reagan.

                 Ronald Reagan’s face       the flag                     running?
    Of course not, because                    America.

the workers.                   the people.                   the ideas.
A good leader                                     .
                         the ideas.                  the 9/12 project

                             these grassroots
the values        the principles.
                   the values        the principles.
      the personalities.                 the election,
                               this guy

the values and principles. The values and principles

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