08 July 2012

78. by the inch

A giant billboard of Santa Claus
  the food stands at Gurney Drive:
   pink man in a red fur coat in the emerald tropics.

The shopping malls behind the city.
  Aisles packed solid.
    Night traffic by the entrance of the McDonald's

at the near edge of the Esplanade.
  Three full-grown men, life-size costumes,
     a hamburger, a soft drink, a box of fries.

Passersby. Children.

Inside angry fluorescent lights
  scenes of immaculate debauchery.

Whole families
  greasy hamburger patties, air-filled pockets,
    french fries. The smell. You.

What was the body like before life came free
with the purchase of a medium-size soft drink
fries and a Big Mac

What was the Happy Meal like before the body
came free

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