02 July 2012

84. covenant (a returning)

                            to pieces

                            spilling about
the poor 'social environment here.'

                            the 'morale amongst teachers.'

            '. . . not one does anything to stop the bleeding,' she rotting

            'adam thinks it's cool to get into trouble now,' she saying

            'we could test him,' saying the v.p. 'with some kids on medica-
tion the whole school feels safer.'

                           ha and ha

                    doors               closing

                    his eyes                         over his notes

                          the clock on the wall
                    striking late

'forget tonight,' he saying

'it's the other 83 days i want.

it's your priorities God wants.

what are your priorities?

             certainly not your family
             look at the breakdown of your family.

             certainly not your community
             look at the breakdown of your community.

             certainly not your spiritual life

             church is only full but one day a year

             the others?

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