13 September 2012

11. this is a test of the emergency broadcast system (h/k diary)

fuck this city and its highways that roar obscenities through my headphones
and its miles of gray pavement that give me no place to walk
and its safe fucking inhabitants who can't hear noise without calling the cops
and its cops smirking behind plexiglass shields
and its anarchists with their love of black who wouldn't know a revolution if it punched them in the face and would run the other way the moment they saw a gun
and its silence begging to be pierced with .45 reports across the empty avenues
and the empty streets at three in the morning. Have you never walked around drunk looking for a fistfight? Of course you haven't. Your momma raised you to be a pacifist.

and its smug fucking faces, eyes begging to be blackened and lips that have never split or swollen
and its cyclists in their spandex and their self-righteousness hogging the fucking road and sidewalk and dinging their little bells to ask you to pass
and its liberals who think that everything will be okay if you just vote for the democrats
and its politicians who smile through their fat fucking beards and dogwhistle the shit out of the protesters who have nothing the fuck better to do with their lives than hold a sign.

Fuck you, assholes. You really think you're convincing anyone who isn't already on your side? You really think you're going to make a difference by chanting and sitting down? Link arms when they turn the dogs on you, assholes, I'll be standing off to one side with my weapons ready, waiting for you to ask for help.
But i'm not a fucking cop, and I'm not the DOJ, I'm not within the ordered society that you still trust for some godforsaken reason, so you never will.
You really think that the politicians and the media and the NGOs give a shit about you? Reelect your fucking Obama, that lesser of two evils motherfucker who talks about unification while he steps on the necks of anyone who isn't white middle class straight male moderate god damn I hate all you fucks.
fuck all of you.
Someday soon, I'll interrupt the sacred silence of your hallways. Your libraries will echo with explosions, your museums will crumble and take their god damn histories with them.

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