08 September 2012

16. sun dance

Two overhead lights, 40-watt, in recessed and covered settings in the ceiling.

A flag hanging over the window: blue background, white crescent moon, the word "liberty" in bold white letters. Only the crescent is visible through the crosshatched glass.

In a niche set into the wall beside the door, a collection of neatly organized camping equipment: a sleeping bag and pad; a large mag-light, black, metal, resting vertically; a large tarp, folded into a neat rectangle, with carabiners through the metal-ringed holes in its sides.

On a wooden dowel five feet above the floor, set horizontally within another niche, a series of clothes hangers, containing: one corduroy jacket, brown, 40 long; one blazer, gray, 40 long; three dress shirts, gray, blue, black, slim cut, 16.5/35; one pair dark gray dress slacks, 31/34; two pairs bdu trousers, olive drab and black, regular-long; one raincoat, black, large; one cycling jersey, blue with black side panels, large; two hooded sweatshirts, gray and black, xl; two neckties, red and black; one leather belt, brown, with buckle; one cloth belt, black, with d-ring fastener; two denier nylon holsters, both black, one shoulder, one thigh. 

Below the hanging garments within the niche, an array of undergarments and less-formal clothes, neatly folded and organized.

To the left of the door, a black-stained wooden desk. On the desk's top, laid out next to each other: four allen wrenches; two screwdrivers, Phillips-head, one large, one small; a small hacksaw with serrated blade and black plastic handle; a small cardboard box with an Amazon.com shipping label, within which are stacked (in order of decreasing size) sheets of notebook paper, one novel, bills, letters from family; a bottle of water; two pairs of glasses, in plastic cases; a small laptop computer, black, closed, plugged in, with the cord neatly coiled behind it.

Above the desk, hanging from a nail: ID badges from various academic conferences; two "finisher" patches from bicycle races (one green, one black).

Across from the door: a bed, size full, with mattress and box spring, on a wooden frame.

On the bed: a thin green blanket; cotton sheets and pillowcase, slightly stained; two Hi-Point .45-caliber semi-automatic handguns, disassembled; eight nine-round magazines - four loaded with Winchester White Box 230 grain full metal jacket, four loaded with Winchester White Box 230 grain jacketed hollow point; one Romanian AK-47 assault rifle, disassembled; eight twenty-five-round magazines, each loaded with Fiocchi 123 grain full metal jacket.

Next to the bed: a small night-stand, wood, painted flat black. On the night-stand's top: one alarm clock, digital; Dhalgren, paperback, with creased spine and coffee stains; a plain, white ceramic mug half-full of water; a plain, white ceramic mug half-full of coffee; a six-inch length of 42-gauge copper wire; a ball-point pen, black ink, clear plastic.

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